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Our Mission

There are wonderful opportunities in eCommerce business today, and the future seems even brighter, but so many entrepreneurs are failing because they lack the knowledge and support on building a real eCommerce business. That's why our mission is the help entrepreneurs to learn, build and grow their eCommerce business with no prior experience not huge budget.

We have +10 years of experience in eCommerce business, and we provide you high quality coaching and world-class support on your journey to success. 



Mr. Marko Pyhäjärvi

eCommerce Coach & Consultant

My name is Marko Pyhäjärvi, and I am an entrepreneur from Finland, and I am the head of coaching and consulting in our company.

I opened my first online store back in 2010, and since then I have built multiple stores from which some have failed and some have succeeded.

My very first store sold clothing and accessories to customers mainly in the United States. We went from zero to millions in sales within two years. 

During the years I have sourced lots of branded and private label products from China and Europe. I have tested lots of different strategies from own warehouse to drop shipping, Facebook ads to Youtube ads, face-to-face team to virtual team, etc.

Everything that I have learned, and everything that has helped me to succeed I teach to my coaching and consulting clients. With everything that has helped me succeed I now help my clients to succeed.

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